Unless otherwise specified or the context otherwise requires, the following terms used in the Shipping Terms and Conditions shall have the meanings set forth below:

           “We”, “Us” or “Our” means ABX EXPRESS (M) SDN BHD, its employees, sub-contractors and agents

           “You” or “Your” means the Sender or the Shipper named in the Consignment Note

           “Shipper” means the person named as the shipper or consignor in the Consignment Note

           “Sender” means to the person who passes the shipment to us. Sender may not be necessarily the shipper

           “Consignee” means the person named as the consignee in the Consignment Note

           “Receiver” means the person or party who receives the shipment

           “Shipment” means all packages or parcels tendered to and accepted by us for carriage under a single Consignment Note

           “Consignment Note” means any waybill or equivalent document in paper or electronic form concerning the Shipment

           “Shipment Terms and Conditions” means this terms and conditions, as may be amended, revised, added, substituted and/or supplemented by us from time to time. You are bound by such amendment, revision, addition, substitution and/or supplementary terms and conditions and you are therefore advised to visit this page regularly to review the latest applicable terms and conditions

           “Working Day” means Monday to Saturday, excluding National Holidays of Malaysia. Nevertheless, if such National Holiday is on Monday as a substitution of another National Holiday falling on previous Sunday, it is considered as a Working Day