Frequently Asked Question


How can I open an account with ABX Express?

Please visit any one of our outlets to find out more.To open an account with ABX Express, please kindly go to (Get A Quote Now) and complete the form.
One of our representatives will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

What is the rate for account customer?

The rate for account customers varies. It depends on the business profile of the customer. Please kindly go to (Get A Quote Now) and complete the form.
One of our representatives will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

What is the payment method available?

Two payment methods are available for our account customers which are by bank transfer and cheque.

Pick Up Service

Does ABX Express provide pick up service?

Yes, we do. To arrange for pick-up service, you may login to our Easyship Portal. EasyShip is ABX online platform for pick up and drop off service.
Login to our EasyShip page (Easyship).
Our representative will contact you soon once we have received order from you.

You may click guideline on how to request pick up or drop off using our online platform.

If you are new to the platform please sign up (HERE).
If you are already an Easy ship customer, please sign in (HERE).

Guideline for Single Pick-Up
Click (HERE) to download the file.

Guideline for Multiple / Bulk Pick Up
Click (HERE) to download the file.

Guideline for Drop Off
Key in your details online, show QR code upon drop off at our outlets
Click (HERE) to download the file.

Guideline for Multiple Shipment Drop-Off
Key in your details online, show QR code upon drop off at our outlets
Click (HERE) to download the file.

What is the payment method available?

For non-account customers (individual), we only accept cash payment over the counters and online transfer for easy ship request


What is a Tracking Number?

Tracking number also known as consignment number. It is a unique identifier for a shipment which to determine by product or types of shipment.
Below are the samples for ABX Tracking No
SHX xxxx
DUSJ xxxx
Ecommerce-SHX xxxx

How do I track my shipment?

You can track your shipment status by using the tracking number provided. You may visit our Track & Trace Portal in our website (Track & Trace)

How can I check my shipment movement status using your chatbot?

You may check your parcel movement through our virtual support digital by clicking ABX avatar.
Select Track & Trace menu and you may key in your tracking number and you will be provided the last status of your parcel’s movement and location.

Please ensure to put (,) comma after each of tracking number

What happens if I miss a delivery?

1. Contact us to do arrangement for Self-collect (office collection) at any of our nearest counter.
2. You can request a re-attempt delivery of the shipment (only applicable for selected trackable item)

How do I arrange for self-collection at any ABX Express outlet?

Self-collection is only available at any of our ABX Express outlet, kindly contact us at 03-80843111, or through our social media platforms and simply request for self-collection arrangement and specify which outlet to collect from

Where shall I go to send parcel/document?

You may visit any one of our outlets nationwide. Please kindly visit (Location) to find out the nearest outlet to your location.

When will my tracking information appear?

Tracking events usually appear 24-48 hours after receiving the Track and Trace ID. In general, once the shipment has reached our facility, a tracking event will appear and you may start track your shipment (Go to Track & Trace Portal)

Is it still possible to track my shipment if I do not have the tracking number?

If you do not have a tracking number, as a recipient we advise you to contact your shipper / sender.

Why is my tracking number not working?

Please ensure that you're tracking number is keyed in the correct format EXAMPLE : SHXxxxxxxxxCMY.
If your tracking ID is not working, you may contact your shipper or sender.

The status of my shipment is “out for delivery.” When will I receive my package?

Typically, our drivers will try their best effort to deliver the item on the same day especially during peak season.

If we are unable to deliver a package that shows a status of "out for delivery," we will attempt delivery on the next business day.

Please note that we are unable to contact our drivers or to provide you the contact details of the rider for an estimated delivery time.

My shipment shows as delivered but I can’t locate it. What should I do?

Kindly check with your guardhouse, colleagues, mailroom, nearest neighbours, family members or anyone who might have received the package on your behalf.
If you are still unable to locate the package, kindly contact our live agent for assistance.

Can I request for redelivery / 2nd attempt for my shipment?

Request for re-attempt delivery can only be made should the first delivery attempt was unsuccessful due to the closure of premise or the recipient was not available at the time of delivery.
Any request for 2nd must also be made within the provided storage period.


What is the maximum weight and dimension of parcel that can be delivered?

The maximum weight of parcel that can be delivered is 25kg.

What is the maximum weight and dimension of parcel for international delivery?

There is no maximum weight for international shipment. However, for any shipment exceeding 30kg, you are kindly requested to break them into smaller pieces of shipments for ease of handling.
The maximum dimension for international shipment is 4m per side.

Is there any certain time of period for any inquiry or claim on the shipment?

Any inquiry or claim on the shipment must be made within 14 days from the date of posting or within 14 calendar days upon our loss of shipment confirmation.
Any request after the date we shall not entertain.

Please note that deliveries within Peninsular will take an estimate between 2-3 business days. For deliveries across the Peninsular takes an estimate of 2-7 business days depending on airline’s schedule and custom clearance process.

How do I make a claim if my shipment is damaged, total lost, partially lost or wrong content received?

You will need to download the form from our chatbot by clicking
Claim menu > Forms > click to download file. (HERE)

Kindly enclosed all complete attachments and email to [email protected] Your request will be processed within 14 working days.

1. Pictures (proof of evidence for damage /partially lost/wrong content items)
2. Complete Claim Form
3. Copy of Identity Card
4. Tracking Number
5. Declaration Form

What items can be described as a dangerous goods?

1. Explosives
Example of explosive include firearms, fireworks and bombs

2. Gases
Examples of gases include butane lighter, butane gas and medical oxygen, aerosols

3. Flammable Liquids
Examples of flammable liquids include paints, petrol, thinner, alcohol and perfumery products.

4. Flammable Solids
Examples of flammable solids include matches, lighters and sulphur

5. Oxidizing Substance and Organic Peroxide
Examples oxidising substances and organic peroxide include bleach, peroxide, fibre glass and repair kits

6. Toxic and Infectious Substance
Examples of toxic and infectious substance include poison, virus culture and pathology specimens

7. Radioactive Material
Examples of radioactive material include domestic smoke detector and x-ray

8. Corrosive Materials
Examples of corrosive materials include batteries, acids, mercury, alkaline and caustic soda

9. Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods
Include magnetized materials such as equipment containing lithium batteries, asbestos, dry ice and other potential

Which items are prohibited for posting / What types of things cannot be shipped due to safety and security?

According to Post Office Rules 1947, which governs the handling and/or transmission of postal articles, ABX to comply with the national and international regulations and best practices of postal and courier operators. We have provided the current information on the processes and safety guidelines for shipping hazardous materials domestically and internationally.
It is unlawful for senders to use ABX delivery network to send the following prohibited items, whether consisting or containing of:

1. Liquid (any types of liquid form)
2. Live plants
3. Drugs, narcotics and paraphernalia
4. Human parts/remains (including cremated ashes)
5. Articles which may endanger health, safety and environment or damage other items
6. Jewellery, gold, antiques and precious stones
7. Animals (including insects, eggs, larva, birds and ivory)
8. Coins, currency notes, bullions, credit cards and Bearer Negotiable Instrument**
9. Counterfeit and pirated goods (including CDs, VCDs and DVDs)
10. Pornographic and/or obscene materials

Important Notes !

Posting of original and/or official documents example:
Identity card, passport, birth certificate are sent on sender's risk. ABX shall not be liable in any manner for the lost and/or damage of these documents.

ABX will not entertain and/or be accountable for any subsequent charges, fines and compensation which may be incurred if the declaration of items is deemed false, incomplete, dubious or contradictory to the declaration made by sender prior to posting, whether directly or indirectly.

ABX may, in special circumstances, agree to different conditions for the carriage of some prohibited items for our contract customers. ABX will not be liable for any claims in damages or delay of shipment if the item is deferred, detained, withheld, returned to sender, or not processed because it contains or consist of aforementioned articles.

*Due to requirement by the airlines, ABX does not accept the posting of any types of liquids by post. **Bearer Negotiable Instrument includes
a) A traveller’s cheque
b) Any negotiable instrument in bearer form, endorsed without any restriction, made out to fictitious payee or otherwise in such form that title of such instrument passes upon delivery; and
c) Any negotiable instrument that is signed but the name of payee is omitted.

Can I send important and/or original document using ABX?

Posting of important and/or original documents, including but not limited to any national identity registration card, passport, birth/marriage certificate, chequebook, road tax, academic certificate or other important documents are sent at the Sender's own risk.
ABX Express shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever for the loss and/or damage of any original and/or official documents.

Can I send domestically, liquids, creams or cosmetics in containers with the risk of breaking, as well as any form of perishable foods using ABX?

The sender is solely responsible for any postal item such as, but not limited to the following; liquids, creams or cosmetics in containers with the risk of breaking, as well as any form of perishable foods and/or could cause harm to other items.

ABX will not be liable for any claims or reimbursement of postage charges, cost of loss, direct or indirect damages or losses, whether posted or accepted for posting, intentionally or unintentionally.

Sender is also fully responsible for any postal item made of glass, porcelain, ceramic or fragile/easily breakable decorative items.

We will not be liable for any claims of damages or indirect losses unless the item has been insured, packaged and labelled properly.

What is the responsibility as Sender before posting any shipment?

Below are some guidelines for the sender to take into consideration before posting, however it is still subjected to Term and Conditions.

The Sender is responsible to ensure the shipment posted has been;
1. Labelled and addressed clearly and legibly and wrapped neatly,
2. Securely and safely for transportation and
3. Able to withstand the handling of the courier/postman.
4. Please consider using bubble wrap, shredded cardboard, or corrugated inserts for item packaged in a box
5. Contents packed are compacted with minimal empty space to prevent content movement inside the box.
6. Do not use old, recycled, dented, torn or overweight packaging.
7. Ensure that an adhesive tape is wrapped around the box to protect the it from being accidentally opened, or torn.
8. For documents, please use padded envelope to avoid splits, tears or stretch.
9. The content must be correctly stated and declared.
(Go to Terms & Conditions)

Where can I find the Term and Condition of the ABX product & services?

(Go to Terms & Conditions)

I would like to cancel delivery of my package. How do I do this?

Please contact the sender to stop delivery or to change the address on the package before the first delivery attempt.
Only the person who sent the package can cancel the delivery before the first attempt.

Customer Support

Is there any way to contact your customer service that I can reach to help with my issue?

ABX is going digital. In the continuity to serve you better, our chatbot is available 24/7.
Look for our widget at the bottom right of our website's main page. You may reach us from various channels
Call Centre: 03-80843111.
Live Chat: 8.30am to 6.00pm (Monday – Friday)
Email: [email protected]

How to follow up with my case?

You will be provided with a ticket number for every case logged with us. You can use the ticket number to interact with our contact centre agents or Live Chat Agents.

Call line: 03-80843111.
Launch our Chatbot to begin and choose 'Ticket Status ' from the main menu button.
Live Chat: 9.00am to 6.00pm, (Monday – Friday) except public holidays