Mohamed Ali Bin Noordin
Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer and Country Manager
Mohamed Ali Noordin joined the ABX Group in 1991. Prior to that, he was with DHL-Malaysia and Skypak (TNT)-Middle East & Africa for 10 years in various senior management positions. As the person at the helm, he is responsible for providing the strategic direction for all the ABX Group Member Companies. Mohamed Ali’s vast experience in the courier service industry and his active participation in the day-to-day management of the Group have ensured the smooth running of the business operations. His regular involvement in the sales and marketing activities has enabled the organization to register more than RM45 million in the annual turnover. A master of his trade, his hands-on management style will propel ABX, which is currently the fastest growing courier service company in Malaysia, into a new era.
Tan Chong Yian
Group Executive Director
Tan Chong Yian is the person behind the incorporation of ABX Express (M) Sdn. Bhd in 1984. Before that, he worked with Sabah Shipyard Sdn. Bhd. in Labuan as the Senior Accountant. Mr. Tan who is based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, is responsible for the Kerry ABX Group business performance and strategic planning. Mr. Tan is a Certified Company Secretary of the Malaysian Association of Company Secretaries, a Certified Financial Planner of the Financial Planning Association of Malaysia.
Ronnie Seow
Marketing Manager
Ronnie Seow joined ABX in 1992 after being with DHL for about 8 years in various sales and management positions in Malaysia. Mr. Seow was also involved in developing and selling the idea of the Credit/Charge Card Distribution System in Malaysia that was adopted by various financial institutions. In his current position, he is responsible for the future direction of the organization, overseeing its strategic planning, forecasting and corporate modelling. With his vast experience, he manages the Group’s marketing operations countrywide, including brand management, advertising, image building and promotional activities, communications and public relations, seeing how the Group presents itself to the public and employees.
Wan Kamal
Country Operations Manager - Branch Ops
Wan Kamal is trusted with the strategic responsibility of ensuring that the Group’s operations and operational infrastructure are managed efficiently and are cost effective. Daily, through the systems, he monitors the ground and airfreight movements within the Group’s network and identifies bottlenecks and other problems and ensures that they are timely resolved. His KPIs include the development of the airfreight hub in Subang as part of the organization’s expansionary program in the global distribution network. With his acquired knowledge in the information and communication technologies, he spearheaded the computerization of ABX’s countrywide operational processes. Previously, Wan Kamal was attached to various operational functions in DHL for 10 years.
Suhana Md Salleh
Group Accounts & Administration Manager
Suhana Md Salleh joined ABX in 1999.She possessed a Bachelor In Accounting (Honors) from University Utara Malaysia, She is a member of Malaysian Institute of Accountants association and had undergone training in 6 Sigma (general Practice), 5S, Total Quality Management, Strategic Management, Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Debts Collection, Coaching Skills for Accountants and Human Resource Employment , conducted by National Productivity Corporation (now known as Malaysian Productivity Corporation). In her current position she is responsible for the planning, training and implementation of accounting and administration of facilities, processes and policies for the company
Hamid Aziz
Strategic Planning Manager
Abd Hamid joined the ABX Group in 2006 and was assigned in the Internal Control & Audit department. He graduated from Royal Melbourne Institute Technology University Melbourne with a Bachelor Business Administration in Marketing, Harley Davidson University in Business Management, Malaysian Institute of Management in Diploma in Management and also from Mara Institute Technology in Diploma in Accountancy. He was attached with Harley Davidson of Malaysia, as General Manager, IBEX Amalgamated Corporation Sdn Bhd as Group Corporate Planning Manager, Melewar Gentali as Aprillia Project Manager, Robertson Wilson Jamil (Haw Par Group) as Pro-Office Operations Manager, & AZHA Transportation as General Manager. His vast experience in general management, finance, marketing and operations has enabled him to promote methods operations processes. He is responsible for conducting organizational reviews and processes, and developing plans that support and introduce long term solutions for business and strategic issues that impact the company
Nik Muhammad Shahrul
Human Capital Manager
Nik Muhammad Shahrul joined ABX in 2000. He graduated from Universiti Pertanian Malaysia with a BBA (Mass Communications) (Honors), and Diploma in Human Resources. He joined ABX Express as a Personnel Executive and has risen to the present position of Human Capital Manager. He is responsible for the sourcing of recruitments including the design, evaluation, and negotiation of all contracts for all human resources functions including welfare & health plans, corporate policies. He is also involved in formulating and implementing career and training plans to find and retain valuable talent in the company
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